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Mental health, physical wellbeing and wellness services for South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw's health and care workforce


We are proud to offer our diverse 72,000 workforce an easy-to-access and comprehensive health and wellbeing offer that supports mental health, physical wellbeing and emotional resilience.

We fully recognise the importance of looking after all of our staff and supporting colleagues to make informed choices about working through personal problems.

The launch of the SYB Health and Wellbeing Hub (SYB HWB) provides a wide range of resources to staff free-of-charge, 24/7 and 365 days a year.

On this site you will find information about how to access:

  • Counselling and specialist accredited mental health support - provided by Vivup, accredited by Accreditation Programme for Psychological Therapies Services - APPTS
  • Wellbeing webinarstopics such as menopause, SAD and mindfulness
  • Podcasts - episodes include managing burnout, coping with trauma and self-care
  • Self-help workbooks - themes include controlling panic, alcohol and you, and controlling anger
  • Workshops themes such as Zero Tolerance, dealing with difficult conversations and many more

Promotional video: about the SYB HWB Hub

90-second promo video for the Vivup mental health, resilience and wellbeing service

Events coming up

September - December 2021

Please take a look at the key events coming up - further information can be found at the Training Hub homepage.

We’re also working hard to design more programmes including financial wellbeing, menopausal health and men’s health so do look out for these being advertised across your workforce networks.

To find out more about the full range of training and wellbeing support sessions, please visit the SYB Training Hub

Contact us

Brigitte Kaviani | Head of Health and Wellbeing | | Twitter: @HWB_Brigitte

Abbie Foster | Programme Manager for Health and Wellbeing | | Twitter: @HWB_Abbie

Janita Jefferson | Executive Personal Assistant |