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Since the South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Integrated Care System (ICS) formally launched in October 2018, we have been producing videos about the work we've done to change lives whilst reducing harm and ill-health across the region. 

Animations, event filmings and interviews with staff across the system help to explain just some of these changes that we have supported alongside our regional partner organisations.

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How does the QUIT Programme differ from other tobacco treatment services?

Dr Richard Jenkins, Chief Executive at Barnsley and Rotherham NHS Foundation Trusts and the Senior Responsible Officer for the QUIT Programme) explains the value of the treating tobacco addiction in South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw. The QUIT Programme is being implemented at 8 NHS Trusts across the South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw region to help smokers quit smoking - for good. This is a social media-friendly video series featuring Richard (2/3) to share across South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw's health and care partnerships. Find out more: