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Race, Equality and Diversity - our aims

We're fully committed to improving Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) for patients, communities and staff across the South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw (SYB) health and care system.

In line with the NHS People PlanSYB is progressing well with a number of EDI commitments, which were first proposed towards the end of 2020.

Aligned to NHS England and NHS Improvement’s (NHSE/I) Workforce Race Equality Standards (WRES), we identified a number of key areas for action.

One of the key aims was to set-up a system-wide EDI Steering Group which is up-and-running with energy and commitment from all members.

Plans for 2021 and beyond

We are currently exploring how we can best connect the current existing Black Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Networks across all our partners to the exisiting ICS leadership and governance structures. 

In order to help improve the diversity of our leadership in SYB we have applied for funding for a dedicated bespoke BAME talent management programme. We also have plans to enhance the recruitment of associate Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) from BAME backgrounds.

To ensure that we remain on-track with our EDI pledges, we will embed the work into all ICS work programmes by:

  • Developing a Race Equality Charter for the ICS
  • Establishing an EDI Executive Steering Group with NED representation, keeping the EDI leads as a delivery group
  • Looking at resourcing the further development of EDI work
  • Ensuring this is seen as a system-wide approach system wide

Partner organisations across South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw have also backed the NHS England and NHS Improvement’s (NHSE/I) Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES) requirements. The WRES supports employees from black and minority ethnic (BME) backgrounds to progress within the NHS through equity of access to career opportunities and also through the improved treatment in the workplace.

Improving Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in our region - examples

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